It has been a hot week out in the bush with temperatures in the high 30’s and we hope a few thunderstorms will bring an end to this heat.

Chavaluthu has made up majority of our leopard sightings this week and so far has been seen for four consecutive days. He was seen stalking and chasing a few animals but with no success. Finally he was found with a warthog kill at the end of the week.



The Kudyela lionesses with their cubs and the Machaton males spent a lot of time in the south west but later made their way back east again. The lioness with the three youngest cubs managed to kill a female sable antelope and have been sharing it with her cubs. The rest of the pride was found with an impala ram kill but the males took control over the kill and not much was left for the females or cubs.





A few small herds of elephant have been focusing their time feeding around some of the waterholes and the Olifants river. With the temperature currently high to find playing in the water the best way to cool themselves down. Elephants loose most of their heat through the arteries in the ears and is the first part of the body they normally wet when reaching water and then there after covering their whole body with either mud or water.



The hyenas have been very entertaining around the waterholes, rolling and sleeping in the mud. The youngsters are getting older by the day and seen wondering around without an adult present. The more time one spends with these predators the more you realize how complex their way of life actually is and that the lower ranking individuals have a tough life full of challenges.




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