The Machaton males along with the Kudyela pride and their cubs were quite busy during the week. The cubs are getting bigger and so they eat more and more with every meal, forcing the pride to make regular kills. We did not see them on many kills but we could definitely see that they ate during some nights. The lioness with her 3 cubs have not yet joined the rest of the pride but surely that should happen within the next week or so. Her cubs are looking very healthy and she is making regular kills and so providing more than just the essential mother’s milk. We can confirm that the pride has lost one cub due to natural causes and is down from 10 to 9 cubs, when the female with her 3 cubs later join the pride there will be a total of 12 cubs from 5 litters.






Nkanyi was tracked down one afternoon and was found just before sunset. As the sun dipped below the horizon she found a termite mount and used it as a vantage point, with a breathtaking background full of colors it was a perfect opportunity. She continued her search for a meal and was later spotted by a herd of kudu while she was trying to sneak up on a few impala.



The hyena den was very productive this week with the youngest cub coming out of the burrow and almost being a toy for the older cubs. The mother of the youngest cub is still very protective of her cub and when playing gets rough she quickly chases the older cubs away.



Chavaluthu was seen a handful of times this week. He first slept off a full belly on a termite mount one morning before moving out and marking his territory later that afternoon. The rest of the time he was seen waiting near a warthog borrow for a chance to get an easy meal.