Yesterday we had an incredible sighting between a family of leopards and a pride of lions to say goodbye to the week and hello to the weekend.

Yesterday afternoon we left the lodge just after 5 pm and decided to go past Robbie’s dam to see if the 3 Impalabos lionesses might be there (they were on their way there in the morning). Totally unexpected we spotted a female leopard with two cubs, not a bad start to our guests first ever safari experience 10 minutes in, we kept our distance as they were a bit skittish. As we watched the leopards disappear into the thickets they suddenly ran the opposite way and chasing them was one of the 3 lionesses that we were hoping to find at the water. One of the leopard cubs and their mother thought it best to go up the nearest tree whilst the other cubs vanished in the thickets. It was a heart racing sighting that had quickly passed and we could soon after enjoy a leopard in a tree with 3 lionesses at the waterhole with no casualties.




A small herd of elephant made their way to a waterhole, we drove ahead and positioned ourselves in the perfect spot. One of the younger males had a few sips but found us more interesting than to drink. We also had the opportunity to spend time with Ezulwini and what a privilege it is to have such a big bull elephant roam in our area.






A herd of buffalo was tracked down one morning only to find them resting. They have been around most part of the week and if found lying down one can get a few eye catching pictures.



Nkanyi was seen with an impala kill and she spent a good three day feeding of her well deserved kill. It was stashed under a small Weeping Boerbean tree in a drainage line keeping it well hidden and away from scavengers.



The Machaton males have been all over the show this week with only a few sightings of the Kudyela lionesses and the cubs.


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