It is time for another selection of our weekly week in pictures. The big cats were in the spotlight this week and believe me they did not disappoint us.

At the beginning of the week the Kudyela pride with all their cubs and one Machaton moved to the far western edge of their territory looking for a meal, they were unsuccessful. They amount of ground these cats cover is just amazing with them walking no less than 10km in two days with the cubs. To the end of the week we could see that they are desperately looking for any prey animals as they were moving throughout the day and not taking much time to rest. They disappeared for about a day but when seen again they had full bellies even the little cubs, news came in that they pulled down a zebra during the night.







In terms of leopards we had a big surprise when we found one of our females with a cub on an impala kill. She was a bit shy and didn’t give us great photographic opportunities but we managed to get a good video that’s posted on our Instagram and Facebook page. Nkanyi was found with a steenbok kill that she spent about two days feeding on. Later during the week Thuli and Nkanyi was found together with an impala kill.




We had a few warm days during the week and it was not only us that felt the heat.



Two herds of buffalo are currently moving around. One of these herds seemed to have had an encounter with some of the Machaton males one night by looking at the tracks one morning and that made the herd split in two groups.




A small herd of elephants went down to the Tree Hide’s waterhole for a drink one morning.



One of the smaller owl species, Pearl-spotted Owlet.