During the week we spent a bit of time wondering in the western sector for a more scenic drive. At one of the dams there are currently 3 hippos spending their daytime relaxing before heading out at night to feed. With the cool weather they typically lie outside on the bank for a bit of sun bathing, as we approached the dam they were busy heading back in to the water and we sat there for a while observing their playful behavior.

We went out for an afternoon bush-bumble with some of our staff members and Licia, our Assistant Lodge Manager, took some interesting pictures of a few elephants. It was the perfect opportunity to try out different angles during their time around a waterhole and the afternoon light perfectly highlighting the herd. Due to their social behavior they constantly interact with each other and so there is never a dull moment.

The highlight of this week’s leopard sightings was the morning Chavaluthu nearly caught a warthog. It was a very unsuspecting sighting as we were busy viewing a herd of elephant when we spotted a large male leopard near a termite mount. As we approached him a warthog bolted out of his burrow and Chavaluthu set chase, the warthog running for his life, literately, opted to run directly into some brush nearby and so managed to escape with his life.

We picked up on male lion tracks one morning and decided to follow. Still discussing where to look next as we go ahead of the tracks Eric pointed in the direction of dead end dam, there he was one of the Machaton males on his way to the water.

A small herd of buffalo have been roaming around in the east but mostly they were found resting their legs while ruminating.