We had a few cold and wet mornings this past week but we have no regrets.

The Strydom pride of lions were moving deep into the Kudyela pride’s territory during the week and even spent a day napping. Their time there was cut short when some of the Kudyela lionesses came to push them back east and away from their territory and cubs.

The Kudyela pride was on the move this week and covered great distances moving back and forth. The did manage to get a reasonable size kill as their bellies were evident they had a meal. Some of the cubs are around 15 months old now and are becoming sub-adults very quickly.

The Machaton males have been busy marking their territory as the recent rains might have washed away their scent.

Thuli was moving towards a dam one morning where she came to rest watching a herd of impala in the distance. She eventually decided to stalk the herd but was spotted by a few waterbuck nearby, with their alarm call the impala was alerted and soon spotted her as well.

We followed Chavaluthu whilst he was marking his territory, marking almost every bush he could find. He later spent quite a bit of time around a termite mount sniffing,scraping and marking the ground and we later saw female leopard tracks on the ground which made it clear he was picking up her scent.

A herd of buffalo made an appearance and were enjoying the grazing grounds. We also enjoyed the sightings of numerous Yellow-billed oxpeckers which is not a common sight.

Many herds of elephant are moving through the reserve and one could spend hours watching these large pachyderms.