It is Easter weekend and time for another selection of our weekly highlights.

Within the last 2 months we have seen more and more of the two young leopards, while the young male is relaxed around the vehicles his little sister is not so much. They still rely heavily on their mother to provide them with their next meal but they are approaching the age mark where they will be taught the art and skills of an excellent hunter. I finally managed to to capture a photo of the young leopardess nestled in the thickets but the young male was out exploring his surroundings.

At the hyena den it was a fantastic week as always. They are back at the first den that we found them at back in December of 2017 and since then they have moved between 12 different den sites. We are unsure of the exact size of the clan but we saw a total of 28 adults together one morning with no cubs present at the time. Although such a large clan will use different den sites at the same time for all their needs we haven’t seen several sites active yet.

I think the stand-out sighting of elephants this past week was the bachelor herd playing at a waterhole one morning. As we are nearing the winter the mornings are starting to cool down and they don’t swim as often as in the summer months where we can experience temperatures well over 40 degrees (Celsius).

The Kudyela pride, like most weeks, were on the move. They were tracked for several kilometers at times during the week, but always worth the time spent. It also gives us the opportunity to share the art of tracking with our guests. We also had another few drops of rain during the week and forced the Machaton males to split and mark their territory once again.