So far this winter it seems the colder it gets the better our sightings become!!!! Leopard, lion , buffalo, elephant, black and white rhino and aardvark to just name a few

This genit seemed to love the camera

In the last two weeks we have seen 9 different leopards!! Included in this is witnessing two successful hunts, chavaluthu killing an impala and juma catching a guineafowl. The young male rulani and his sister feeding on an impala male they had managed to kill, and yesterday afternoon we came across fresh drag marks from a leopard kill followed them up and found chavaluthu on yet another impala!

Chavaluthu looking glorious as ever

The black rhino are aslo playing there part with regular breath taking moments, the more time we spend with them the better each encounter becomes. We had the two females feeding within 15 meters of our vehicles completley oblivious to us! and 6 or 7 other simiar sightings.

My first ever glimpse of the elusive aardvark!!

Finally I am part of the aardvark club!!!!!!! On the evening of the 16th I saw my first aardvark in the wild, we managed to catch him crossing the road and disappearing into the night. The last few days the breeding herds of elephants are starting to show there faces again in our area so im sure we gonna start seeing them every day.


Mark Nicholson