During our recent stay at Pondoro Private Game Lodge’s self cater camp Bateleur in South Africa, we came across these juvenille male giraffes fighting. Thank you Eric………the tracker (best tracker as far as we are concerned) assigned to us for our stay there………… you did an amazing job showing us the animals

I posted a short clip of a giraffe fight on your site yesterday but it was
so short so have now posted the whole thing on YouTube if you would rather
have that one……..if of course you want any of it.  The link is below.

We had an awesome time while with you and plan on staying there again when
we visit South Africa in a few years time.  This time we will stay in the
main lodge so that we too can experience the pampering you give there

See you soon
Noelleen Boyers


Thank you Noelleen! I posted the whole video as you can see. Hope to see you all soon again.