Best experience of our lives!!!!


We  just wanted to say thank you so much for the most incredible experience ever! Not sure if you remember us but we were honeymooners staying it the tree suite! Our room was like nothing we ever stayed in our lives! Just incredible! The food and staff especially lisa and Rosanne were outstanding and made us feel so at home! The food was incredible never tasted anything like it or saw anything like it even the way it was presented! My favourite was the parcel with vegetables inside it! Thank you so much! We loved the romantic dinner in the wine cellar that just put the icing on the cake for us! Superb!! Thank you so much!

Our ranger on safari was Sean and tracker was Eric and they have such a wealth of experience it was fantastic! I even found myself looking for the animals tracks on the sand as well! We learned so much! We saw lions a few times in two days one time just basking in the sand next to the watering hole! There was 19 lions including big boy! Just an incredible site and Sean got us so close my husband Graham thought they were going to jump in on top of us!! 🙂  so funny! Our pictures are just fantastic! We came across the Rhino’s on a few occasions and even followed one on foot with Sean and Eric into the bush!  Nobody believed us at home that we did that until they saw the pictures!!  Now everyone wants to go on safari! We would make good sales reps for Pondoro! We can’t say enough about the place! Just heaven on earth!!

Thanks a million we had the time of our lives and we will be back in the not so distant future again!

Janice and Graham Crowley x

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