Guests visiting Pondoro recently had the rare opportunity to witness an incredible sighting of a coalition of male lions chased a way from their African buffalo kill by a very upset buffalo bull trying hard to rescue and defend his fallen colleague. Hunting buffalo is dangerous business as lions do not only have to contend with the menacing horns of their intended victim, but also the threat of the whole herd who often turn back to aid their own, after overcoming the initial fright of being confronted by a group of lions.

These buffalo herds know how to intimidate as they would approach slowly creating a wall of horns and often charge with flaying hoofs that pound the earth with a shuddering thud. Large buffalo bulls can weigh up to 900kg and lions would usually quickly cower away in front of such a mass onslaught of horns and hooves.

A dead buffalo does not go anywhere and only a bit of patience is needed to reap the rewards without risking life and limb.

This specific coalition of male lions are called the Machaton males who came from the east to settle here about 2 years ago. They were in the prime of their lives at around 6 years of age and quickly disposed of the Mohlabetsi coalition that consisted of one mature male, a younger male and a few subadult males. Big lion prides with lots of lionesses makes our traversing area a sought after territory for male lions and they quickly fathered lots of offspring with the biggest pride now numbering close to thirty.

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