A recent video by Pondoro guide Rul taken during a safari with guests not too long ago. Incredible scene of a lioness digging into a burrow trying to excavate a warthog. This happens fairly often, but to see a lioness disappearing into the hole with only her tail sticking out was a first for anyone working at Pondoro. Rul and his guests saw lions digging in vain a day or two before this incident. The lions quickly tired and the warthogs escaped while they moved away to take a rest about 20 meters away. This time the lioness did not give up and dug relentlessly even chewing through roots that obstructed the entrance.

She is the mother of 3 tiny cubs and was obviously desperate for food. She rested for a while after making the kill, fed a bit and then left to go and fetch her cubs. Going on a safari is all about making memories and being able to recount these as incredible stories to friends and family afterwards. Well done Rul and Andries for mission accomplished.