Buffalo chasing lions

Ranger Sam took this video on the 10th of December 2015 as a pride of 6 lions were drinking while a small group of buffalo bulls approached and chased them off. Buffalo bulls are formidable adversaries and not to be messed with. This small bull groups that loves to roll in mud to cool down are often called dagga boys. Dagga is the Zulu word for mud and young boys when choosing a career in construction would start their apprenticeship as cement mixers and would often be covered in cement and thus be called dagga boys.

Buffalos are notorious as being extremely dangerous and it is sometimes difficult to fathom when seeing a large herd grazing looking not much unlike cattle. They live up to their name however when solitary or in small bull groups when they are unpredictable and evil tempered. The American writer Robert Ruark penned the celebrated phrase “They look at you as if you owe them money” which captures their personality perfectly.

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