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Leopard fight at Pondoro Game Lodge in greater Kruger Park

Guests at Pondoro enjoyed a once in a lifetime sighting this morning of 2 male leopards having a territorial fight at Tranken weg on Impalabos east. The raw aggression towards one another and the brutality of the fight left a lasting impression on everyone.

Great sighting of the highly endangered black rhino at Pondoro Game Lodge

The highly endangered black rhino is a shy and secretive animal preferring thicker vegetation. Pondoro in Balule Nature Reserve is one of the few places in Africa where you would stand a reasonable chance of seeing them in the wild. Guests staying at Pondoro were extremely lucky to see one out in the open on […]

Lion pride feeding on a buffalo bull at Pondoro Game Lodge in Greater Kruger Park

Andries my tracker found the lions feeding on this buffalo only a few hours after the kill. A lot of people believe erroneously that male lions do not hunt, but the brute strength of the males are usually necessary to take down a powerful animal like this. There was 6 males at the kill. This […]

Leopards mating – Kruger safari lodge

Guests at Pondoro had the rare privilege to see these mating leopards on the 4th of November on Impalabos east region. There are so few people that have witnessed it in the wild that it is often considered to be the pinnacle of sightings in the African bush.

Hyena cubs – Kruger safari lodge

We enjoyed some excellent hyena sightings at their densites during the last 2 months. The densite was moved about a month ago and to our great delight the new site was found about 2 weeks ago by Rul, one of our guides. The cubs grew up in the presence of vehicles which provides guests with […]

Lions catching a giraffe – Kruger park safari

Guests saw the Olifants west pride chasing and killing a giraffe on River lodge road on the 14th of July. This video was taken only minutes after it was killed and is not for the faint of heart.

Black rhino introduction to Balule – Pondoro Game Lodge

Balule Nature Reserve in conjunction with WWF recently introduced 19 black rhinos into the reserve in an effort to expand the range of this highly endangered species. This makes Balule one of the best places in Africa to see black rhinos. We now boast the highest numbers of black rhinos of any of the private […]

Lion stalking elephant calf

Rulani and his guests saw the Olifants west pride at Justin’s road yesterday afternoon. The lions were peacefully sleeping when a group of elephants came passing by. Two young males got up and started stalking a young elephant that got separated from the group. The one young male came very close but his nerves gave […]

Lion killing an impala

Most guests going on a safari want to see a kill and on the 5th of May this became reality for a group of guests on Ryno’s vehicle when they saw how a group of lions stalked and caught an impala ram. They pulled the impala apart and devoured it in a matter of minutes. […]