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Lions killing a waterbuck

The morning drive on the 7th of July 2010 was one of my best during my 14 years in the bush. We found the Olifants west pride early morning and while following them we saw that Big Boy, the territorial male,  was in a foul mood busy fighting with his 3 young 4 year old […]

Close encounters with a newborn elephant calf

Guests staying at Pondoro had a very special sighting on the 8th of November 2010 when they saw a newborn elephant calf. He was walking around on wobbly knees surrounded by the rest of the group. Everyone ( including the elephants ) was totally engrossed in the scene that no one realized that the baby […]

Lions and buffalo stand off

We took this video on the 11th of September 2010. The lions were resting during the late afternoon when a group of about 150 buffaloes came past. The lions were full from a kill they made from the night before and the youngsters approached the buffaloes more out of curiosity and playfulness than anything else. […]

Male leopard at Pondoro

Rul found this big male leopard called Watsakile Madoda on the 12th of January on Shangana road. His territory is more than 10 000 ha which is very large for the Kruger area. He is very habituated to the vehicles and provide us with some excellent photo opportunities.

2 Month old lion cubs – Kruger Park game lodge

On the 4th of May Rul, master tracker and ranger at Pondoro, became the 1st person in Balule Nature Reserve to see these tiny lion cubs. The mother had killed a kudu and she went to fetch the cubs to share in the feast. He went back there early the next morning and found them […]

Lions kill a warthog – Kruger park game lodge

Shaun and his guests saw how the York pride chased and killed a warthog during the morning drive on the 6th of May. This video is not for the feinthearted. I tried to edit most of the disturbing scenes away, because I really feel sorry for the poor warthog. The bush is a cruel place […]

Leopard feeding on a wildebeest calf – Big 5 safari lodge

Rul, master tracker and ranger, found this huge male leopard just after he had killed a wildebeest calf on the 8th of January on Impalabos. The power of this magnificent animal is incredible to allow him to pull a animal of this size into a tree.

Male lion feeding on giraffe

On the morning safari of the 17th of November we found the whole York pride ( 19 lions ) at the carcasses of a baby and adult female giraffe. They killed them the night before and we had a fabulous sighting watching them feeding. The next day we found one of the big males still […]