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Leopard cub in tree – Big 5 Game lodge

On the evening of the 27th of October we found a mother leopard with 2 tiny cubs. This really is very exciting news and we are looking forward to many more sightings. Rul took this video of one cub high up in a tree.

African safari-Game lodge-Pondoro-Lion fight

Shaun took this footage on Nonwane on the 5th of June. The lions killed a buffalo the night before and after finishing the meal they left to go and sleep in this dry riverbed. The fight started through a misunderstanding of intentions and bodylanguage.

African wild dogs at Pondoro

On the 4th of June 3 wild dogs were seen inside our concession. This is considered to be Africa’s 2nd most endangered predator after the Ethiopian wolf and it is a rare and special sighting. They were seen after they had killed an impala and were resting in the shade.