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Mohlabetsi male lion coalition

A video of the Mohlabetsi male lion coalition taken on the 25th of October 2016 as they patrol their territory. They are 8 in total, but the last few months a total of only 6 were seen together at any one time. The big dark Mohlabetsi male is remarkable in the sense that he allowed […]

Big tusker on safari

A recent video of the big tusker called Ezulwini taken during a safari drive at Pondoro Game Lodge. He is a gentle giant that frequents the western parts of Balule Nature Reserve and is seen regularly during drives. I first saw and photographed him at Ngala dam not far from Pondoro camp in 2009. His […]

Lion fight at a kill

A recent video of a lion fight at a buffalo kill during a wildlife safari at Pondoro Game Lodge. The frequency and severity of the fighting around the carcass increased, as always, as the meat disappeared into their ever expanding bellies and only scraps remain. Small kills like warthogs and impala usually produce a lot […]

Hyena cubs eat a buffalo bone

A video taken on the 5th of August of hyena cubs tucking away away on a buffalo bone. Adults often carry leftovers of carcasses to the den site. Well developed muscles in their necks make light work of carrying pieces of skin or larger bones over fairly large distances. Hyena dens situated inside termite mounds […]

Black and white rhino stand-off

A video taken by tracker Eric of 2 black and white rhino bulls sizing each other up. A black rhino bull is about half to two thirds the size of a white rhino. Black rhinos feed on leaves and small twigs using their prehensile upper lips to grab the branches.  White rhinos feed on grass […]

Paternal instinct in birds

Paternal instinct in birds: A recent video taken by tracker Eric of a male double-banded sandgrouse collecting and protecting his chicks. We saw a male and female double-banded sandgrouse sitting close to the road during an early morning safari drive. I then stopped the vehicle to give some more information about the birds and explain […]

Lioness chasing hyenas from kill

Eric and his guests witnessed this recent sighting of a lioness chasing hyenas away from a buffalo kill. We are in the middle of one of the most severe droughts in recent memory. Although the condition of most of our herbivores are still good, they are definitely weaker. Our lions have changed their hunting behavior as […]

Pondoro trackers: Like father, like son

Pondoro trackers: Andries and America A video taken by Rul, one of our guides, of a lioness feeding on a kudu and then dragging it into the shade on the 26th of June 2016. Everyone working at Pondoro Game Lodge knows where they fit into the greater scheme of things in order to have the […]

Lion kill during safari

A video taken by ranger Sam of a lion kill as they were busy suffocating a buffalo on the 14th of June 2016. The Kruger National Park and surrounding areas are currently going through the worst drought in recorded history with 19991/92 being the previous worst season. This year was superseded by a dry year […]

Elephant bulls playing

A video taken by tracker Eric of 2 young elephant bulls playing during a wildlife safari at Pondoro Game Lodge on the 22nd of June 2016. A lot of people often mistake such playful behavior as fighting, but real fights are seldom seen and only occur between mature elephant bulls in musth. Playing is an […]

Lion cubs and pride updates

A video taken by ranger Rul on the 9th of June 2016 of the Mohlabetsi pride with their lion cubs drinking at Deadend dam. The southeastern section of our traversing area forms part of their territory with the rest extending further east into the southeastern parts of Balule. The Mohlabetsi pride formed in 2008 when […]

Tiny black hyena cubs

Great news! We have new hyena cubs. The tiny cubs were filmed by ranger Rul on the 7th of June 2016 as they emerged from their burrow to suckle from their mother. Hyena cubs can move with surprising agility after only 10 days of age and lose their distinctive black coat after 2-3 months. Interesting […]

Aardvark on safari

A video of an aardvark taken during evening safari on the 7th of June 2016. The guests that saw it must count their lucky stars as they are very seldom seen. Aardvarks only start to get active after 20h00 when our safari cruisers are already back at camp and hungry guests are getting ready for […]

White rhino bulls fighting

A video taken of 2 white rhino bulls fighting. Young bulls are normally seen in pairs, but become solitary at around 12 years of age when they would try to find a territory of their own. Territories would be demarcated by dung middens and by spraying urine. They spray urine backwards onto bushes and also […]

Hyenas and vultures

A video taken on a wildlife safari the 24th of May 2016 of hyenas and vultures feeding on a buffalo calf. South Africa is currently suffering under one of the worst droughts in recorded history and Balule Nature Reserve and adjacent Kruger National Park have not been spared. The buffalo was not killed by predators […]