Pondoro trackers: Andries and America

A video taken by Rul, one of our guides, of a lioness feeding on a kudu and then dragging it into the shade on the 26th of June 2016. Everyone working at Pondoro Game Lodge knows where they fit into the greater scheme of things in order to have the hotel run smoothly. They also know that the wildlife safari experience is the hub around which all else fits. All staff must make sure that by doing their job they enhance a guest’s safari venture at Pondoro.

America, one of our junior trackers and all rounders at the lodge, did just that on the 26th of June. The safari vehicles had already left and he was on his way from the staff accommodation to the lodge when he heard impala give alarm calls. Knowing that some predator was lurking around he went to investigate and found the impala snorting and sneezing while looking intently in one direction. He drove that way and found 2 lionesses next to their fresh kill, a huge kudu bull, all within spitting distance of the camp.

A beaming America quickly informed the Pondoro game drive vehicles and was basking in the glory the rest of the day. Great to get one up on the senior trackers and be the hero for the day. He has got the right genes though, as Andries one of our senior trackers who has been with us for 15 years, is his father. Andries and Rul are part of a legendary guide and tracker team who commands respect amongst their peers. They are a perfect foil for each other as Andries loves lions and Rul excels in finding leopards. Rul would often have to reign in the wild horse that is Andries, to stop him from running after lion tracks in order to follow up on leopard tracks instead. His beaming smile on finding the elusive leopard would mean that all is forgiven.

Pondoro trackers sitting on the front of seat of our safari cruisers are an important part of the business and they are not just sitting there to hold the spotlight at night, but plays a vital role in finding most of our animals sightings.


Andries Pondoro Safari Game Lodge


America Pondoro Safari Game Lodge