The Shocking Truth

September 8, 2012|The Pondoro Family|

A neighbouring safari lodge owner was travelling from his lodge to the small town of Hoedspruit late afternoon about 10 years ago. The road to the exit gate follows the southern boundary fence. He decided to do the trip in his Land Rover, which at the best of times can [...]

Tough enough?

July 30, 2012|The Pondoro Family|

Everything in America always seems to be bigger and better. A few years ago we had 2 older gentlemen visit us from Texas. These 2 farmers were huge by anyone’s standard, tall and fit for their age, and ex American football players as we were often reminded. I was their [...]

When the wife wants meat

July 12, 2012|The Pondoro Family|

Going on a safari to Africa is a bit of a gamble. Everybody wants to see the so-called Big 5, but this can by no means be guaranteed. The pressure on all guides are thus enormous as they understand the costs and effort involved in getting here, as well as [...]