I have called Pondoro my home for 19 years and been a dedicated amateur photographer for probably about 16 of those years. In that time I have never really taken a photo of a crocodile to be writing home about. I have also only really taken about 20 photos of crocodiles as I never really thought of them as the most inspiring of subjects out there. Africa just has this huge variety of charismatic and beautiful creatures and how interesting can a crocodile basking in the sun really be? One sleeping crocodile looks exactly like another sleeping crocodile or that is what I thought.

5 Nights ago our guests were entertained with the sounds of hippos fighting during dinner. This fight proofed to be a lot more serious than initially thought when we discovered the carcass of a hippo during the morning walk. One of my trackers Andries told me about this and said that quite a few crocodiles were present. I went there later that afternoon hoping to add a few photos to my small collection and have been addicted to this sighting ever since. My wildest expectations were completely exceeded as can be testified by the 2000 plus photos on my computer.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did taking it!


Crocodile at Pondoro Game Lodge


Crocodile at Pondoro Game Lodge


Croc eat hippo at Pondoro Game Lodge


Crocs eat hippo at Pondoro