A video taken by Ranger Rul on the 9th of January 2016. I described in a previous blog post how the male lion coalition of the 2 Mohlabetsi males were slowly expanding their own territories by pushing into the territory of the male we call Kudyela. They seem to have eventually come to blows although no clear winner have yet emerged from the apparent battle. Kudyela was found first with a bloody mouth and bite marks on his hindquarters. We saw the 2 Mohlabetsi males a day later with the bigger male feeling sorry for himself while wearing substantial scarring on his hind legs. His younger partner obviously did not join in the fun as he looks fit as a fiddle. Strange that they did not team up against Kudyela, but we do not really know the details of what expired during the night. It will be very interesting to see how this play out and I will keep you updated as the saga unfold.