I often drive for days without even picking my camera up. We might be having amazing sightings, but the opportunity for taking good photos just does not present itself. On other days I might be taking up to a thousand images. It might just be that everything falls into place and more is often better in these circumstances as you can later go and edit through all the photos looking for that special one. The morning safari drive on the 27th of June was one of these wonderful days. We found a pride of 13 lions just after leaving camp and followed them for a good 2 hours. They were very playfully chasing each other around while slowly going in the general direction of Ngala dam.

They then spent some time at the waterhole before noticing some impala in the distance. Some lions slowly started stalking the impala while one lioness went around to try and chase the impala into the approaching lions. It worked like a charm with the lions catching 3 impalas. A great day for the lions and one very eager photographer!

Post by Robbie Prehn

Lions playing at Pondoro Game Lodge


Lions at Pondoro Game Lodge


Lions chasing at Pondoro Game Lodge


Lion jump at Pondoro Safari Lodge


Lions drinking at Pondoro


Lion hunt at Pondoro