Game drive photos

Hi Margot

Thanks for the photos. Yes, the blog is new so there are a few hiccups. I am supposed to be notified immediately when there is a post, but for some reason this is not happening. Hopefully it will be sorted out soon. Really nice leopard pics. You are making me jealous. It is also good to see some photos of Batista. I see some of your photos of the lions with the spotlight also came out very nicely indeed. I will also show Eric the photo of himself. He will appreciate it.

All the best.

Robbie and Lize says hi!!

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  1. Margot Martin

    Robbie, I’m glad they came through for you. I couldn’t be sure and for some reason I had a bit more difficulty downloading them properly, therefore the doubles you might have received. I love the leopard shots too…they are my favorite of the large cats and when I was in Kenya, my guide renamed me ‘Mama Chui”…Chui as you probably know is Swahili for leopard! I still use that name at times and am flattered to have it! I’m so thrilled you like the photos, for to me YOU are the expert with photography and I envy YOU! You could teach me many things I know, so I guess once I get to move over there I will have to make some trips to Pondoro and get some lessons! Plus and this is a big PLUS just enjoy being at Pondoro like I did when I was there. I’d leave tomorrow if I could!!!
    Glad too you liked the photos of Batista. I so enjoyed holding him, but he is a bit of a thief…as I remember he tried to abscond with my cigarettes! He is such fun…I’d like to have one of the babies! once you get them tame!!!
    Take care and give Lize my love. I’d also like to see some of the remodeling of the guest lodges and the new one you are building, once they are complete if you would email them to me. As always, I’m interested in what is happening over there.

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