We followed the Olifants west pride hunting during the morning drive on the 8th of September when they made a warthog kill right next to the vehicle. The evening drive turned out to be amazing too as we saw the pride hunting buffalo. They came across a herd of approximately 200 buffaloes and a deadly game of cat and mouse started with the lions chasing the buffaloes looking for any sign of weakness with the buffaloes then turning the tide on them chasing them right past our vehicle again. This went on for about 2 hours into the dark of the night.

On the 11th of September we saw the Olifants west pride again hunting buffaloes close to the Rome 4/5 cutline. The lions again went away empty handed as the buffaloes basically treated them with contempt.

Rul found a leopard with 2 cubs on the 28th of September at an impala kill and to top it off 6 african wild dogs the next day at monte road.