1 October – We followed a huge male leopard ( Watsakile Madoda ) as he was busy following the scent trail of a female in return. It was exhilarating stuff and the anticipation grew bigger by the minute as we could see the male getting more excited as the scent trail got fresher. And suddenly there she was, appearing out of thin air. I was amazed at how quick he could find her while my tracker and I searched and followed her tracks for hours without any success during the morning drive.

9-11 October – Olifants west pride feeding on a giraffe carcass. This must be seen as the coming of age of the 11 two year old youngsters as they caught and killed the adult female giraffe without any help of the adults lions.

17 October – One subadult male lion feeding on a warthog.

27 October – We saw the Olifants West pride stalking and killing an impala at Impalabos east. We watched in stunned silence as 14 hungry mouths devoured an impala in 2 minutes flat.

29 October – Olifants west pride fighting and feeding on 2 freshly killed warthogs.