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Tell us about your Pondoro Game Lodge Experience.

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  1. Susi and Claudia

    Dear Pondoro-Team

    We can’t exspress how thankful we are about the wonderful days we have spent at “Pondoro”!
    Again an unforgetable time! Excellent food, very nice and helpful staff & lots of interesting game drives (a special thanks to Shaun and Sam!!)!
    We are addicted (See you soon again:-)!!
    We both had so much fun and arrived back in Switzerland relaxed and in a good mood (even with snow on the ground:-), ready to start saving money again for our next trip to visit! So, be aware of those crazy Swiss-people! They for sure coming again!!!!!!!!
    We hope Ntombi & her babies are doing well!! Lize: Did you already persude Robbie to name the two smallest one’s “Susi & Claudia”?:-))
    Hope you’re fine and we really can’t wait to seeing you all again soon!:-))

    Thank you both sooooo much!!

    Love & hugs

    Susi & Claudia

  2. Hi Susi and Claudia

    It is as always very nice to hear from you. I am so glad to hear that once again you enjoyed the stay with us. Ntombi’s babies are doing well and they will probably venture out within the next 2 weeks. I also have great news as Shaun this morning found one lioness with 4 young cubs. They are only about 2-3 weeks old. Keep looking at the blog for photos and videos.


  3. Elizaeth Gettig

    Dear Pondoro Team-

    Thank you for the most wonderful vacation of my life. I really did not know what to expect but now you have set a new travel standard. Everything – dining, lodge, outings – were outstanding. Special thanks to Andres and Shaun for the great tracking and explanations about the animals- small and large. I hope the “Gang of 4” and “Big Boy and friend” are doing well. I still cannot believe my sister and I left the Land Cruiser to get a better photo of a rhino….that was way out of my usual comfort zone but would gladly do it again!!!

    I wish the States were closer for more frequent visits but we will definitely see you again!! All the photos and items from your shop will get a few visitors from the US, I believe. Thanks for the spa experience too….that helped after a long day in the bush (read bumpy rides). Also a big thank you to the chefs and servers, especially the slingshot experts helping with monkey control at breakfast! All wonderful memories.

    Thank you again.

    Betsy and Linda
    Pittsburgh, PA

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