The 31st of October is celebrated throughout the world as Halloween. Thus yesterday at Pondoro was no different. We started “trick or treating” our guests at our daily high tea but as it was a special occasion we went all out with Rest in Peace Cupcakes, pumpkin heads filled with all kinds of treats and a ghoul or two hanging from the roof. Some of the guests at high tea asked the staff where all of their costumes and masks were; we explained that monsters and scary critters only come out at night.



Just before the guests came back from their afternoon game drive, we hid some sweets and chocolates in the bush for them to collect and when they reached the lodge the Twisted Sisters greeted them and the only way to enter the lodge was to pay them with all the sweet goodies. After paying their entrance fee they received a spooky welcome by the rest of the staff.



To welcome our guests to their night of terror and to give them a little bit more courage, we had some Fresh Blood Shots at reception and some brain shooters, scabs and zombie skins at the bar. Our two Dracula’s entertained the guests by pouring some potions and poisons and the bar.




A big table was set up on the deck so that the old saying “safety in numbers” applied as the wicked witch of the river was flying around on her broom. Spider webs, cauldrons boiling and a yummy menu of “ietsie bietsie spider”, “one eyed zombie legs served with soft boiled molars and green earth worms” and a “death by bat milk tart” awaited the guests as they sat down for dinner.




As the creatures gave their last scares to raise the guest’s hairs for one last time, the night had to come to end. The guests were returned safe and sound to their beds and left to rest in peace.