It is a difficult task putting together a week in pictures post simply because of the amount of great sightings in the past week and only highlighting a few.

I think out of all the lion sightings we had this week the most memorable was watching 4 of the Kudyela cubs playing on a fallen tree. Tracks of the lionesses were being followed and the guys only found the cubs with no lioness in sight. The cubs are still too young to join the pride on a hunt and are still left behind. This morning though we only saw four out of the twelve cubs, it was one of the older cubs joined by the 3 youngest. It was clear that the older one was playing guardian over the younger cubs.





We had just under 5mm of rain this week, which washed away some of the scent of the territorial animals like Chavaluthu. He was found one morning seriously doing his round marking his territory every 20 meters or so. He was moving within a drainage line which is a place many leopards like to move in and so making sure his scent will be noticed. He was found again that same afternoon still on the same mission.




A small herd of buffalo have been making brief appearances lately and doesn’t stay in one area for too long.



A black rhino bull was seen feeding in the rocky outcrops trying to get to all the new plant life between the crevices.



Thuli was found moving through the bush at a speedy pace. The guys managed to keep up with her as she crossed several drainage lines on her way. She eventually slowed down when she spotted a herd of impala, after only one attempt at stalking them and due to a sudden change in wind direction she gave up and moved on.



A lazy hyena sleeping on a termite mount one morning.