A video of hyenas taken on the 10th of December 2015 as they were busy feeding on a waterbuck carcass after they chased a few lions way from their kill. Sam and his guests found the lions the previous afternoon just after they made the kill. They were still panting and resting next to the waterbuck before starting to feed a few minutes later. They went there at first light the next morning to be greeted by this clan of 10 hyenas instead of the expected pride of lions. Hyenas and lions are fierce rivals with hyenas definitely not the cowardly scavengers they are often made out to be. They would often chase lions away from their kills with the odds turing in their favor when there are about 4 hyenas for every lioness present. They will not be able to chase a full grown male lion away. They might be brave, but certainly not stupid.

Interesting to see how they all went to lie in a pool of water close to the carcass to cool down. They also often submerge parts of a carcass in water. Might be to hide in order to fetch and feed on later.