Leopard hunting buffalo – Kruger Park Game Lodge

I enjoyed one of my most special moments in the bush last night. We came across a big male leopard very close to a breeding herd of around 200 buffalo. He was hunting and decided to have a closer look at the buffalo to see if there was any very young calves around. It was incredible to be right in the middle of a herd of buffalo totally oblivious to the presence of a leopard in their midst. Several times he got to within  meters of a cow and calf  only to bail out again. It must be the only animal in the world capable of stalking around inside a herd of buffalo. He was eventually found out and a big bull’s horns thudded into a tree stem next to the car a moment after the leopard vanished into thin air. We then found him again calmly drinking water from a puddle barely 20 meters from there.

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