On the morning of 20th of April guests enjoyed an amazing sighting when  we found the York pride close to the Olifants river on the Rome 2 section. A troop of baboons stumbled into them and as alarm calls rang out, the one year old cubs ran over to investigate. A deadly game of cat and mouse the started as the lion cubs awkwardly jumped into the various trees that hosted the baboons. The terrified baboons retreated to the topmost branches while throwing insults at the intruders. Just as the cubs began to tire of the game and started to move away some baboons lost their nerve and made the big mistake of trying to make a run for it. One female with a baby on her back decended from a tree next to the vehicle and made a dash to the next one. It became a race between her and  a young female cub. As she jumped for safety to the lowest branch the lioness leaped and plucked her from the air. In the tangled mix of bodies a miracle happened when the baby managed to escape and run to freedom. I really hope that he survives.