During the evening drive on the 27th of March we came across a baby giraffe of only a few minutes old. It was still trying to take its 1st steps in a new and dangerous world. A very special sighting for me!

Highlights of our lion sightings were when we found the Singwe pride feeding on a waterbuck on Rome 2 section on the 30th of March and the York pride feeding on the remains of a zebra on the 9th of April. The York pride was also seen playing around a baby giraffe carcass on the 11th of April. That afternoon turned out to be very special as we found the York pride chasing and playing with a big rhino bull. The game started pretty serious when the 3 subadult males joined in the fun, but turned into a game for the cubs when the young males gave up. A young male lion was also found at a giraffe carcass on the 14th of April. The York pride were found in some pretty thick bush on the 17th of April and in my haste to get to the lions I lost a blanket. The lions were quick to spot the missing blanket and we spent a hilarious few minutes as they fought over this treasured item.

I managed to get some decent photos of all of this and many more and will upload them as soon as I get some free time.