We are enjoying some great lion sightings at the moment with 5 different lion prides roaming the Pondoro concession area. This is a video taken on the 1st of October of a male lion that we call Kudyela and his pride of lionesses and cubs. Kudyela means ” to eat or eating ” and he received the name from the guides and trackers as no one have ever seen him lean and hungry. He is enjoying his reign as king of the western section of Balule by stealing or scavenging food from his lionesses, leopards and hyenas. He is fully capable to hunt for his own food and I suppose he does from time to time, but he seems to think that stealing is a great idea when you are the biggest and baddest around?

He is a beautiful specimen. I suspect however that his time of living the good life might be nearing the end as there is a direct correlation between the length of time holding a territory and the amount of males that form part of the coalition. He does not have any coalition partners and there are a lot of young male lions around that will be looking for a territory of their own in the not too distant future.

Post by Robbie Prehn