A video taken by ranger Sam on the 8th of November 2015 of a pride of lions feeding on a male baboon. Baboons are safe in trees and need not to fear lions. I suppose that it is easier said than done as I have never had the misfortune of being stuck up a tree with a few hungry lions waiting underneath. This must be a very frightening and stressful time as baboons sometimes seem to suffer from some form of brain freeze and would decide to make a run for another tree that they somehow deem to be more secure or safer than the one they are currently very safely stuck in. I have seen it happen time and again and nearly always with disastrous consequences for the poor baboon. I watched this video with a sad feeling of deja vu as I hate seeing baboons killed more than anything else. Maybe it is hitting just a little too close too home with a common ancestor’s primal fear sending a shiver or two down my spine.

Post by Robbie Prehn