This was our first game drive ever. After  an hour Andres find some lions and we followed them for while before leaving them again because we wanted to see them in the evening.

Only half an hour later Andres discoverd two Rhinos in the bush. Because we couldn´t drive there, Shaun asked us if we want to go by feet. Of cause we wanted. Shaun gave us some instructions, like not running if it´s becoming dangerous and two be very quiet.

After that we started the little expirience. First Andres, we walk after him and behind us Shaun with the weapon.

We tried to be very quiet, where we had some problems with all the stones and wood. By the way, Andres was like a silent lion in the night. You couldn´t hear him walking.

After one or two minutes we saw two Rhinos. The distence between us was only eight to ten meters. We were hiding behind a bush and could take same nice pictures.Was really impressing to see them so close and without a real protection. Pretty cool!

Rhinos behind the tree



The days after we saw a lot of stuff. One evening, when we just finished our evening snack, where we have been watched by three giraffes, we saw a lot more of them behind the next curve. I counted ten of them. Shaun told us that you can´t see often so many of them at one place!




it was really so close!

Thank you Andres and Shaun