On Sunday we started the afterrnoon safari not knowing that it would the drive of a lifetime!!!


As I started the drive my expectations where more hopefull than the windy cold afternoon that presented itself to us. I was hoping on seeing one of the regular black rhino that frequent Ngala dam but before I could get near the dam the call came in on the radio that a male leopard had been spotted crossing the Olifants main road, I was not far from the area so responded immediately hoping it was Chavaluthu, one of the regular male leopards we see and probably my favourite !!


As I made my way into the sighting I got my first look at him as he crossed the road in front of us it was then that I knew it was Chavaluthu, and instantly a big smlie appeared on my face because I know that my afternoon drive had just been taken care of.

beginning his stalk on the impala

We followed behind him as he made his way through the bush and its not long before we both notice a small bachelor herd of impalas nervously feeding about a 100m in front of us. Its now that my excitement starts to boil as I hope and pray that I finally get to witness a leopard hunt from stalk to kill!

Eyeing the impala for the last time

Chavaluthu goes into killer mode as he slinks down and begins to stalk the impala who where oblivious to his presence, he rapidly closed the gap between himself and the impala and when he got to within 3meters he dissapears from my line of sight, silence………….The next thing I see is a blur of spots as Chavaluthu attacks the nearest impala, immediately the alarm call goes out from the rest of the impalas but Chavaluthu shows no interest as he is in the process of suffocating the unlucky male who he managed to catch. YES YES YES YES YES is all im screaming in my head as I try to comprehend how lucky ive been to finally witness a leopard hunt.

Mark Nicholson