If you had told me 8 months ago that we would be seeing Black rhino on almost every drive we made I would have called you a liar and a fool!! But here we are 8 months down the line and our black rhino sightings must be some of the best in Africa!!!

One of the females posing nicely for me


In November last year 19 Black rhino where introduced into the Balule West Nature Reserve and we where all concerned as to how they would aclimatize to there new home, but all our concerns where wasted because they immediately settled down and begun finding there new territories.

a beautiful sunrise!!

They have taken a particular liking to Pondoro with no less than 6 rhinos making there territory in and around a waterhole on our property. There are 2 females that we see on a regular basis and they are the most charasmatic and adventurous rhinos we see, the younger of the pair always seems to but on a show for us. Almost every time we see them she will immediately approach the vehicle coming within 2 meters and then she realizes how close she is and snorts and runs off just to do it all over again. They really seem to enjoy the company of the vehicles showing no fear towards us.

The 2 females coming in for a closer look


With Winter here our sightings are only going to get better because the bush is thinning out making visibility alot easier, and the lack of water will force them to concentrate around the many waterholes we have in the area. The only thing we are missing now is a baby so lets hold thumbs we dont have to wait to long!!

Mark Nicholson