We recently saw the young Van Wyk female leopard and after following her for a while she got into a small tree and posed for us. It was late afternoon and the sun had already set. My usual modus operandi under such circumstances is to instruct the tracker to light the leopard with a spotlight as it creates a warm glow that can be pleasing to the eye when photographed. I took a few images until the guide from another vehicle asked us to switch it off as one of his guests did not like the effect. We obliged and I took some more images. There were quite a difference, but I thought that both methods worked. I suppose it all goes down to the eye of the beholder. Please feel free to post your comments on which photos you prefer.

First 2 are with the spotlight.

Leopard at Pondoro Safari Lodge


Leopard in tree at Pondoro


Leopard at Pondoro Game Lodge


Leopard at Pondoro


Post by Robbie Prehn