Rul and Andries followed fresh leopard tracks early this morning until they found the gorgeous male leopard called Chavaluthu. He became aware of a warthog close by and sneaked up to a termite mound where a warthog was still fast asleep inside an abandoned aardvark burrow. They say that patience is a virtue and this is so true in the animal kingdom where time as we know it seem to have a completely different meaning. The leopard waited and waited, stretched his legs and waited some more. He eventually seemed to relax, feigning disinterest.

The warthog, no doubt became aware of the danger lurking at the entrance to the burrow and stayed put. A real game of patience ensued which I have seen many times before with different results depending on who lose patience first…leopard, warthog or guests and even worst of all, your honorable ranger himself. Fate was against this warthog as she came flying out at full speed only to be caught by bloodthirsty claws as the leopard went from relaxed pussycat to the grim reaper flashing teeth and claws in a blur of movement so fast that to blink was to miss some of the most unforgettable seconds of your life.

Post by Robbie Prehn