It was another incredible week out in the bush with the big 5 spotted almost everyday.

Thuli showed off her master hunting skills this week, she was found on three separate kills. She made one impala and two steenbok kills of which she hoisted both steenbok kills. When feeding on the ground leopards often drag and stash their kills under thickets or dense brush to keep it out of sight especially from the vultures that might draw unwanted attention. So having her kill up in a tree keeps it away from any scavengers on the ground, like the spotted hyena. Not only does it benefit her but we get amazing photographic opportunities as well.




A few very large herds of elephant have been moving through and being in the of the dry season, water is scarce. Watching elephants run in from far to get to the the waterhole first and drinking as quick as possible is something to experience. There are lots of pushing and shoving between the herd members to get a chance to drink.





The Kudyela pride have once again stepped on the gas this week, the amount of distance this pride is covering at the moment with the cubs is simply astonishing. Being a pride of around 20 lions, including the Machatons, that is a lot of mouths to feed and might explain why the have been on the move so much, they are looking for food. The bigger the pride the more they need to hunt.






Any baby animal is cute but a 4 month old white rhino calf is among the cutest. We followed this female and her calf down to a drainage line where she found a cool spot in the soft send to rest for the morning.



A herd of buffalo took some time to rest and ruminate.