A video taken by tracker Eric of a black rhino cow charging at their safari cruiser with her calf following closely behind, as is the norm. An interesting difference between black and white rhinos is that the calf of a white rhino walks in front of the mother and that the black rhino calf would follow its mother when walking through the bush. Black rhinos have a fearsome reputation as being quite aggressive, justifiable so, as can be seen from this video. I have found it best to just switch the vehicle off giving them time to calm down and relax. They are nervous animals who have learnt that the best way of defense is to attack. I have seen a black rhino in action when surrounded by lions and it was a sight to behold. The rhino was spitting fire while snorting, puffing and farting all at once. Lions scattered in all directions leaving a trial of bruised egos as this prehistoric beast chased them around.