A video taken by Ranger Sam on the 8th of January 2016 of a pride of lions having a scuffle with a young lioness. It is difficult to determine if the lioness is a member of the pride or an intruder. If she is from another group it can only be from a pride of 6 that recently split away from this larger pride. They would then know her and that would be the reason why the fight did not become a lot more serious. The pride split in two as it just got too large and the reward of food per head for energy spent to make a successful hunt made it more worthwhile to form 2 groups.

The leader of this pride of 13 is called Noengu Mafazi and she is the undisputed queen at around 10 years of age and now in her prime. She can be seen leading the attack. It might also just have been a member of the pride that was being disciplined. It is difficult to identify all members of the pride and they are not always with the group which is not helping at all.