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Photos- Richard

Hi Richard Glad you figured it out. Thank you very much for sending the photos.  I really like the spotted eagle owl, bateleur eagle, chameleon and Mazinyo and Big Boy approaching. Regards. Robbie

Game drive photos

Hi Robbie, I have been trying to post some photos on the blog but being very computer illiterate I have no idea if it has been successful or if I am doing it correctly, it is all very trial and error!!

Game drive photos

Hi Margot Thanks for the photos. Yes, the blog is new so there are a few hiccups. I am supposed to be notified immediately when there is a post, but for some reason this is not happening. Hopefully it will be sorted out soon. Really nice leopard pics. You are making me jealous. It is […]

More shots for you

Hi Robbie, Well as you can see I got rather carried away posting my photos…they are some of my favorites and it was hard to choose which to post, so I just did a LOT of them!!!  Sorry! Thanks for your input and advise on the underexposing for the dark skinned animals…I’ll have to read […]

Game drive photos

Hi Margot All your images are good. Well done! Maybe just remember to underexpose dark objects like elephants a little bit. It will help with the background colours and stop you from blowing the highlights (like the very light sky that you are currently getting with the elephant. This should be remembered with all dark […]

Game Drive Photos

Dear Margot Thank you so much for the photos. I cannot wait for you to visit again so that we can expand your photo library. All the best. Robbie

Game drive photos

Pondoro invites you to upload some of your favorite safari photos into this category. I will also give advice, if asked on how to improve your photos for the next safari.