Game Drive Photos

Dear Margot

Thank you so much for the photos. I cannot wait for you to visit again so that we can expand your photo library. All the best.


2 Responses to “Game Drive Photos”

  1. mama chui

    Dear Robbie
    I can’t wait either…..wish I were there right now!!!!
    I have more photos if you’d like, not all from there but in the area. Does that matter? Some really nice ones (I think) of leopards.
    Let me know.
    Hi to Lise!!! and Batista and family!

  2. mama chui

    I posted some more photos two days ago, but not sure they went through correctly. Did you get them or should I re post them?
    Just curious as for some reason I didn’t seem to do it as easily as the first patch. I know I put doubles on the second patch and couldn’t figure out how to get them off. It is the one of my favorite lioness shot. So if there’s a way for you to not use all of that one, feel free.

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