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Watsakile madoda – Kruger safari lodge

We saw a big male leopard during the afternoon drive on the 12th of January on Makobela road. Guests saw him while driving to the lodge and Rul, one of the guides at Pondoro, found him again after some excellent tracking. We stayed with him for about 90 min which is one of the big […]

Elephant and buffalo – Kruger safari lodge

Saw a small group of elephants drinking and playing at a small pan on Impalabos west on the 12th of January. We saw a group of 200 buffaloes on the 20th cooling down inside Ngwenya dam. It is rare to see something like this and I took a whole bunch of photos.

Boomslang and chameleon – Safari in Kruger

I found this chameleon caught by a male boomslang during the afternoon drive on the 10th of January. Unfortunately the photo does not do justice to the scene and it is difficult to put the photo into scale as the boomslang is actually a lot bigger than portrayed in the photo. He is about 2 […]

New king? Kruger safari lodge

The 3 young males seem to have settled in nicely within the Singwe pride’s territory. With every day that goes by their chances of taking over from their fathers are improving. It will take some guts to expand their territory into that of their fathers, but they at least seem to have some territory and […]

Lions and nightjars – Kruger Game Lodge

We found the Singwe pride feeding on a giraffe cow on the 27th of November. The young male on the photo is part of a coalition of three that seems to have taken over the territory of the Singwe pride. The nightjar was chased up by a car at a lion sighting and it went […]

Lions in trees – Kruger Park Safari

We found the Olifants west pride early morning on the 11th of November. The youngsters were quite playful and were jumping in and out of the nearby trees. It was a wonderful photo opportunity. Here are some of the better photos.

Lion killing a giraffe mother and baby – Kruger safari

We found the Olifants west pride on the 6th November and while following them through some thick bush they went chasing after something. When I eventually caught up with them we found some of them feeding on a baby giraffe. I thought that it was strange that the rest of the group were not there […]

Elephants during October – Big 5 Lodge

A photo of Andries, my trusted tracker, with a large tusker on the 20th and a feisty elephant calf close to Ngala dam on the 23rd of October.

Lion feeding on a warthog – Kruger Safari Lodge

We saw this 4 year old lion feeding on a warthog on the 17th of October. He is part of a coalition of 3 and are currently being chased away from their pride by their fathers. They are spending less time with the pride and seem to have found a new home with the Singwe […]

Leopard, lion and buffalo in October

I took this photo of a male leopard while he was following the scent trial of a female on the 1st of October. The lions were drinking at Singwe bush camp dam and the buffalo photo was taken in the river right in front of the lodge.

Leopard and lions – Kruger safari lodge

A leopard photo taken during August. Andries, my tracker, nearly jumped on top of the leopard when he got off the car to go and look for tracks. I wonder who got the biggest fright, he, my guests, the leopard or me? I like the low angle and shallow depth of field. The lions were […]

Elephant photos

I managed to take some rare photos of an elephant sleeping during the evening game drive on the 8th of September which I am very pleased about. They got disturbed by the vehicle, but I heard them lying down again not long after and we soon heard the sounds of elephants snoring coming from the […]

Big Boy – Kruger safari

Territorial male of the Olifants west pride on the 26th of August in the koppies on Rome 2 section.

Lions drinking – Safari in Africa

I took these photos during August at Kambaku and Ngala dam. The young male drinking, killed something close to Ngala dam as he was absolutely gorged, but we never found the kill.