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Black is the new white in Balule

If you had told me 8 months ago that we would be seeing Black rhino on almost every drive we made I would have called you a liar and a fool!! But here we are 8 months down the line and our black rhino sightings must be some of the best in Africa!!!   In […]

Safari of a lifetime!!!!!!

    On Sunday we started the afterrnoon safari not knowing that it would the drive of a lifetime!!!   As I started the drive my expectations where more hopefull than the windy cold afternoon that presented itself to us. I was hoping on seeing one of the regular black rhino that frequent Ngala dam […]

Lions playing at Van Wyk – Kruger Park Game Lodge

Photos of leopards and black rhinos seem to dominate our Facebook and blog pages as sightings of these elusive animals escalated during the last few months. This makes one forget that there are still other animals around. Lions, when active, are amazing animals and the raw emotion when coming across these powerful animals cannot be […]

Amazing leopard sightings – Pondoro Game Lodge

We had some fantastic sightings of this most elusive of cats during the last week or two. Here are some photos taken of the 2 males ( Watsakile Madoda and Chavaluthu ) that were seen fighting on the 16th of February. The photos of Chavaluthu were taken at Elephanten Tranken and Watsakile on Main rd […]

Leopard feeding on a zebra foal – Kruger safari

Nick and Eric, ranger and tracker team at Pondoro, found a male leopard with a zebra kill on the morning drive on the 24th of January. I went there during the afternoon drive on the 24th and 25th and took these photos.

Lion on termite mound – Safari in Kruger

This female was seen on the 18th of January high up on a termite mound looking at 4 rhinos walking past. She was right next to the car and it was eerie having her staring over the car at the rhinos.