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Big elephant bull

We were busy watching a group of young elephant bulls drinking when this big tusker arrived. He is well known in this reserve and he is probably the highest ranked elephant bull in our concession area although not the biggest tusker and go by the name of Shoshangaan. He was in musth as can be […]

Buffalo hunter of Balule

I took these photos on the 9th of December of the completely gorged younger coalition partner of the big Mohlabetsi male lion. This group of 8 male lions killed 2 buffaloes during the night, after I photographed them lazing around the day before. The Mohlabetsi male was feeding on a buffalo calf along with a […]

Photo safari 8 Dec 2015

I have not gone on a safari drive for quite a while and I jumped for the opportunity to take some images of lions after Ranger Sam told me that a group of 8 male lions were resting not too far from camp on the 8th of December. This was the group of males from […]

Spotlight or no spotlight?

We recently saw the young Van Wyk female leopard and after following her for a while she got into a small tree and posed for us. It was late afternoon and the sun had already set. My usual modus operandi under such circumstances is to instruct the tracker to light the leopard with a spotlight […]

Hyena cubs at the den

Some hyena photos taken on the 23rd of September 2015. The hyena den are proving to be quite a hit amongst the guests visiting Pondoro. They are moving between 3 den sites on the southern side of our concession area.  The  increase in fleas and other biting insects might be the reason behind the changing […]

Male leopard scent marking

A leopard during my 1st safari drive in a week on the 14th of September 2015! Turned out to be quite an eventful drive as we spotted 2 white rhino bulls lying close to a waterhole in beautiful late afternoon light followed by a herd of about 200 buffaloes and then the cherry on top, […]

Kudyela and his pride

I saw the big male Kudyela and his pride of 10 this afternoon 30 August 2015 as they were slowly walking in the direction of Nkanyi dam to quench their thirst. He is now in the prime of his life and has grown into a very impressive lion. Males lions will be chased away by […]

Hornbill eating termites

Early morning on cold winter days termites congregate very close to the surface, but still inside the safety of the mound, looking for warmth as the first rays of sunlight greets the day. Freshly build parts of the mound can still be broken before it cements into unbreakable concrete. Yellow-billed hornbills know this and they […]

Lions at giraffe kill

Lize and I went to the area of the lion kill late afternoon 20 August 2015 in the hope of getting some images of lions feeding on the giraffe kill. They were fast asleep and not interested in feeding at all, but that is lions for you… sleep, sleep and sleep some more. Reality is […]

Little bee-eaters

In the rush to find the Big 5 and other larger animals the smaller animals are often ignored by guests. This is where guides can distinguish themselves from the crowd by taking time to focus on the smaller less flashy creatures that are so often much more interesting than their more sought after neighbors. Knowing […]

Early morning lion safari

I often drive for days without even picking my camera up. We might be having amazing sightings, but the opportunity for taking good photos just does not present itself. On other days I might be taking up to a thousand images. It might just be that everything falls into place and more is often better […]

The last Battle

While on safari we came across this male Giraffe who seems to have come out second in a dispute with a rival male. Male giraffes will compete for females by means of necking. It is a form of fighting where they will stand opposite each other and give out beatings with the head. This is […]

Inquisitive young lion on safari

While we were watching the 8 young lions the mothers left behind to go and hunt drama nearly unfolded in front of our eyes. We found the 8 youngsters resting behind a termite mount and enjoyed some good photo opportunities as the bonding cubs would rub their faces on each others necks and head to […]

Male leopard in a tree

This magnificent leopard caught a warthog and after cleaning itself it got comfortable in a big Knob thorn tree to pose for a photo every guest on safari dreams to show of

The return of Chavaluthu to Pondoro Safari Lodge concession

The young male leopard Chavaluthu has been having a terrible time as he is surrounded by 3 big territorial male leopards namely Cheeky Boy, Tintaka and Watsakile. He disappeared and settled more towards the east of our concession area probably regarding Tintaka as his biggest threat and decided to take his chances in Cheeky Boy’s […]