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FOURTH EDITION OF WEEK IN PICTURES #4 The season is on a turning point with cool misty morning drives where everyone is seeking warmth underneath their blankets and some only exposing their eyes too try and spot something before the guide and tracker asks the ‘do you see it’ question.   We have enjoyed quite […]


FIRST EDITION OF WEEK IN PICTURES #1 This marks the first edition of the week in pictures. The aim of week in pictures is too look back at the sightings we’ve had during the course of the week and highlight those we (Guides and Trackers) enjoyed just as much as the Pondoro guests. Africa is […]

Balule lion prides

Balule lion prides (central and southern Balule): Balule Private Nature Reserve is approximately 50 000ha in size and unfenced to Kruger National Park thus forming part of a 3 500 000ha open ecosystem which not only borders Mozambique, but also includes a 1 000 000ha of neighboring Mozambique. Pondoro Game Lodge shares a lot of […]

Mating lions on safari

Some photos of mating lions on the 14th of April 2016. Mating lions are fast becoming a regular item during our wildlife safari drives as the females of Noengu Mafazi’s pride (River pride) and Pride of 6 (Impalabos pride) are getting more familiar with the Mohlabetsi male coalition. Lionesses go through what we call a […]

Singwe pride visits

Balule Private Nature Reserve is about 50 000ha in size and open (unfenced) to Kruger National Park creating an open natural ecosystem of about 3 500 000ha as Kruger Park is also open to about 1 000 000ha in Mozambique. One of the advantages of being situated in a South African Game Reserve that is […]

Leopard in a tree

    Leopards are obviously high up on the wish list for guests going on a luxury African safari . Herein lies the caveat. The iconic photo of a leopard in a tree creates the impression that this is what they always do. So visitors do not only want to see a leopard, one of […]

Hyenas at den site

We know the location of most of the den sites of the hyena clan that lives on the southern section of the Pondoro traversing area. This gives Pondoro guests ample opportunity to take some fantastic photos of this highly intelligent and amazing animals. They are completely habituated to the safari vehicles and go on with […]

The Holy Grail

The Holy Grail of wildlife photography has always been for me to photograph mating leopards. Leopards are notoriously secretive and are generally regarded as the most difficult of the Big 5 to see. If I was a betting man I would probably give you better odds on seeing a unicorn than seeing leopards mating. Making […]

Crocodiles eat hippo

I have called Pondoro my home for 19 years and been a dedicated amateur photographer for probably about 16 of those years. In that time I have never really taken a photo of a crocodile to be writing home about. I have also only really taken about 20 photos of crocodiles as I never really […]

Lions on safari

We found a pride of 7 lions early morning on the 2nd of January 2016. They were absolutely gorged trying their best not to look too uncomfortable, but doing a bad job at it with bloating stomachs looking like giant balloons protruding from their bodies as they lay panting on their sides. Short, fast, shallow […]

Elephants drinking

The hot, dry weather of the summer so far brought with it some wonderful photographic opportunities. Animals would gather at the watering holes to cool down and take a break from the smoldering midday heat. I managed to catch elephants drinking and bathing at a few of our dams during the past week. I love […]

Big elephant bull

We were busy watching a group of young elephant bulls drinking when this big tusker arrived. He is well known in this reserve and he is probably the highest ranked elephant bull in our concession area although not the biggest tusker and go by the name of Shoshangaan. He was in musth as can be […]

Buffalo hunter of Balule

I took these photos on the 9th of December of the completely gorged younger coalition partner of the big Mohlabetsi male lion. This group of 8 male lions killed 2 buffaloes during the night, after I photographed them lazing around the day before. The Mohlabetsi male was feeding on a buffalo calf along with a […]