Drinking leopard

A video taken by Sam and Eric of a young male leopard on the 28th of December 2015. He is becoming a regular visitor to our area and is seen fairly regularly on Pondoro. Leopards does not drink as often as lions and are not water dependent as they get enough moisture from their prey. They will however drink regularly when water is available. They are not the most effective at lapping up water with their rough tongues and the process can last for quite a few minutes. This gives ample opportunity for taking photographs, with the holy grail being one of the tongue out touching the water. The best way to manage this is by setting your camera on multiple exposure and push the shutter release for a few seconds as you are bound capture that perfect image somewhere amongst the sequel of photos.

Novice photographers often neglect to change the setting to multiple exposure when shooting wildlife. This is a huge mistake as most of the brilliant action photos in magazines and other publications are not due to great timing but rather due to choosing from the best of a bunch in a sequel of photographs. Digital photography where there is no cost of developing of images makes this camera setting the logical choice.

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