A video taken by ranger Rul of a leopard catching a tree squirrel on the 25th of February 2016. It was barely a snack, but shows the wide range of prey on the menu for leopards. Their diet is diverse and include birds as well as mice, scrub hares and antelopes up to the size of kudu cows. I have read of reports of leopards killing a gorilla and an eland. They really are the ultimate cat possessing not only incredible agility, but also great strength and they are generally regarded to be pound for pound the strongest of all cats. Not difficult to see why they are Rul’s favorite animals. The camouflage is excellent and one needs patience, astounding tracking skills and intimate knowledge of their habits to follow and track these secretive animals. Rul has all in abundance and is my one-stop shop in the bush when looking to find leopards.